Corporate Social responsibility: the KCell Approach

Kcell’s position as a socially responsible company is manifested through constant dialogue with all stakeholders: customers, partners, employees, government agencies, regulators and shareholders. Through this dialogue, the Company responds effectively to emerging issues among stakeholders.

Kcell uses the following principles when selecting projects to support:

  • Transparency in decision-making and reporting on ongoing projects.
  • Effective use of funds provided, and resulting contributions to the improvement of society.
  • Building positive and stable reputation for the Company and for aid recipients.
  • Compliance with standards for sustainable development and social responsibility.

We believe that these principles promote implementation of projects that will provide real benefits to the society and people of Kazakhstan.

Kcell is not only part of the economy of Kazakhstan, but also an active participant in the social and cultural life of the nation. During its 11 years in the cellular market, Kcell has consistently followed socially responsible business principles. The Company believes that being socially responsible means contributing to the development and improvement of the country’s social processes and creating a role model for socially responsible business in Kazakhstan. The Company cares about the quality of life of its employees and their families, as well as our customers and the residents of the country as a whole.

Kcell implements more than 40 social programs annually, with the total amount of investment in the social sector in the last 5 years exceeding KZT 905 million. Each year, more than 100,000 people from the most vulnerable groups, specifically children, orphans, people with disabilities and those who retired, participate in Company programs.

Kcell has identified several key priority areas for corporate social responsibility based on an analysis of stakeholders and their needs. The selected areas allow us to focus on issues that promote our long-term sustainable business growth:

  • Increasing availability of digital technology to the general public.
  • Expertise of managers and employees.
  • Privacy and network security.
  • Fair business practices.
  • Responsible supply chain.
  • Responsible marketing operations.

Kcell seeks to meet the highest international standards for sustainable development and social responsibility, implementing these principles in its daily operations. In 2007, Kcell was the first mobile operator in Kazakhstan to join the United Nations Global Compact, which brings together 3,800 of the largest companies and businesses in 100 countries to pursue and implement common principles of corporate social responsibility in business.