Interaction with Society

As a socially responsible business, Kcell cannot develop separately from society and its interests. An established system of communication with stakeholders provides us with a reasonably accurate understanding of their expectations, and allows us to make timely adaptions to those interests.

Cooperation between Kcell and society is demonstrated in its attitudes toward employees, support for educational and cultural establishments, regulation of environmental effects of Company operations, and relations with local communities.

By harmoniously combining business development interests with the interests of all stakeholders, we achieve more for the Company and improve the social climate.

Stakeholder Dialogue


More that 13 million residents of Kazakhstan currently use Kcell services, and we are doing everything possible to retain these customers. We are guided by responsible marketing principles, and we strive to make communication with customers simpler and more convenient and our services more accessible and better suited to customers’ needs.

Business Partners

We focus on long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. With their help, we are able to provide better service as well as new opportunities for our customers. Kcell’s relationships with suppliers and service providers are based on transparency, honesty and trust. We use a system of tenders when purchasing equipment and supplies and ordering services, which ensures convenience, ease and speed of procurement, and also reduces corruption risks during the bidding process.


The Company’s employees are its most valuable asset. For this reason, caring for employees is one of our most important priorities. We offer our employees fair wages, additional benefits, safe working conditions, and opportunities for professional and personal growth.


Kcell is an open joint stock company and its securities are listed on stock exchanges. We are targeted to increase the Company’s shareholder value, and so we are guided by the foremost standards of corporate governance and transparency.

State and Local Authorities

We cooperate actively with federal and regional authorities and consider their professional and social interests. Such considerations are a mandatory part of operations. Kcell has proven itself to be a reliable partner, meticulously complying with statutory regulations and making significant tax contributions. By implementing large scale projects, we address significant social issues and promote the country‘s economic growth.


As part of cooperation with social organizations and local communities, Kcell supports vulnerable segments of the population, projects with especially important economic benefits for society, and significant social, cultural and scientific charity projects. A portion of Kcell’s proceeds regularly goes toward financing such projects, including joint projects with social organizations in regions where the Company operates.

Stock Exchanges and the Investment Community

When cooperating with investors, the Company considers its primary objective to be creating an effective mechanism for planning and implementing investment projects, and ensuring the highest level of transparency for investors. This is especially relevant because Kcell is a public company, and thus obligated to provide shareholders and investors with comprehensive information on its operations.

Social Responsibility

«We believe in Kcell that projects in the field of the corporate social responsibility not only create strong and viable communities throughout the country – they also help to get an alternative access to the markets and increase the efficiency of the company».

Veysel Aral
Chief Executive Officer

Within the framework of corporate responsibility we single out some of the most priority directions, which were defined on the basis of the exhaustive analysis of interested parties and reality. The chosen directions allow us to solve the issues promoting the long-term steady growth and guaranteeing that our work within the scope of corporate responsibility will solve problems and focused on the problems being most essential to our business:

  • Increase of availability of digital technologies for wider population;
  • Long-term steady growth;
  • Competence of the top management and employees;
  • Confidentiality and security of networks;
  • Honest business practice;
  • Responsible deliveries network;
  • Responsible marketing activity;
  • Responsible employee.

Aspiring to correspond to the highest international standards of sustainable development and social responsibility, introducing these directions in our daily activities, we defined three spheres, in which we focused our efforts on:

  1. Education;
  2. Cultural heritage;
  3. Social sphere of support of children and disabled, promotion of the healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sports.

In 2007 our company one of the first telecommunication companies joined the Global Global Compact of the United Nations.

Education is one of the key directions in the field of corporate social responsibility of Kcell. We give particular attention to this sphere, providing our employees with access to the most advanced knowledge on the basis of the Kcell Business School and offering opportunities for professional development in the conditions of the innovative culture. Besides care of our employees, we also pay attention to the youth within the scope of the project “Kcell Academy”, which purpose is to rise the education level in Kazakhstan, especially in the field of information technologies and telecommunications.

In this sphere our work is focused on preparation of students for the life in the business world, and we create the conditions for career enrichment, motivating and showing our capabilities and resources. Our partners within the scope of the project “Kcell Academy” are the leading higher education institutions of the country, such as: KazNU named after Al-Farabi, KBTU, University named after S.Demirel, KIMEP, KAZNTU named after K.I. Satpayev, Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications, International IT University, Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov, Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov, Public Institution “Republican specialized physical and mathematical boarding school named after O.A. Zhautykov under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Besides, we actively support student's initiatives (debate tournaments, creative initiatives, sporting events etc.), carry out joint scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

Within the scope of implementation of the republican project “Trinity of languages” our company together with the British Council in Kazakhstan launched the service on studying the English, Kazakh and Russian languages “Phrase of the day” on the basis of short text SMS messages.

Aspiring to make a feasible contribution to support and preservation of the national cultural heritage, we support Public Fund “Federation ‘Kyran’” for revival of the ancient Kazakh tradition - hunting with hunting birds. Annually, in Settlement Nura, Enbekshikazakhsky region of Almaty oblast, there carried out the tournaments with hunting birds “Sonar” and the tournament in the memory of Aben Toktasynuly - the oldest berkutchi-hunter. Tournaments are held in two stages. The first stage – a selection round, where skills of hunting birds and also the skills of kusbegi (hunters with hunting birds) on domestication and control of the bird is assessed: coming of the golden eagle at call being apart from the hunter and on a bait. At the second stage the judiciary board assesses the level of skills of kusbegi during hunting with hawks and falcons on pigeons and hares, and with golden eagles on a fox. The best young berkutchi, following the results of the tournament, get a grant for improvement of skills of kusbegi. In addition, with financial support of Kcell, “Federation ‘Kyran’” together with Center “Zhalaiyr shora” organized the unique workshop in Kazakhstan on manufacturing of ammunition for hunting with hunting birds.

For the purpose of promotion of the healthy lifestyle and sports among population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our company actively cooperates with the Republican Federation of ju-jitsu and mixed types of single combats. With support of Kcell in 2012 there were carried out: the Eurasian Forum of Martial Arts, open tournament “Snow leopards of blue mountains”, there were enlarged the youth sections in 5 regions (Karaganda, Kokchetav, Atbasar, Aktau, Petropavlovsk).

Besides the aforesaid, our company throughout the entire period of its existence actively supports the international movement “Special Olympics Kazakhstan”, Public Fund “Eldani”, which is our partner in supply of souvenirs in the national style, SE “Boarding School No. 17” of Almaty, charitable SMS project “Make a present of life to children” and many other social projects.

With a view of promotion of the healthy lifestyle in 2011 together with POO “Association of business women of Kazakhstan”, supported by the Ministry of Health of the RK and Kcell, the project “Services of the advisory telephone line concerning contraception and prevention of STD/HIV” was launched. During the period of effect of the project about 15000 calls were received.

In order our involvement into the projects of corporate social responsibility was the most effective, and the resources were used purposefully and target-focused, we in each particular case consider an opportunity of such participation, proceeding from available financial resources and exclusively towards the above-stated directions, reserving the right of choice of priority projects.